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Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional Training

Get the training you want to give you the skills you need!

MapInfo Professional is a market-leading Data Visualisation tool which lets you plot your data on a Map, helping to influence Business Decisions as and when needed.

Our Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional Training course takes you through from the basics of MapInfo Professional, to a truly competent level where you'll be able to create and manipulate thematic maps representing complex data in a clear and easy to understand graphic.

When you need to show data graphically and geographically, we'll show you how to achieve this. Click here for a course outline.

We train on ALL versions, but please let us know which version you have when booking.

We can customise this course or offer advanced courses tailored to suit your needs. Please call for more details.

Please click on the Schedule button below to get information on when we have courses running & for pricing information, and have a look at the Outline button for a full course outline in PDF format for you to print out.

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MapInfo Professional Fundamentals - Outline